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1) How do I register?  Visit our online registration site via this link:  http://www.sheyfc.siplay.com/site/
2) How can I be sure my child will get to play as much as his teammates?  AYF league rules direct minimum plays per game per player based on the total number of players per team, not including special teams play(kickoffs, kick returns, extra points)...our goal is to have every child learn, play and love the game of football.

3) How many games will we play?   Our schedule is an 8 game season...4 home, 4 away, followed by at least 1 post-season game that are TBD. 

4) Where will we practice and play home games?  Practices are held at Gracie Field (Behind Lafayette School) and Perry Hill School. Home games are played at Shelton High School Finn Stadium, 120 Meadow Street Shelton, CT 06484.

5) What equipment is provided by the league and what do i need to purchase for my child?  The following equipment is provided by the league:  helmet, shoulder pads, home and away game jerseys. This gear is league property and will be distributed in the pre-season and collected at the end of the season.  Equipment you will need to provide:  black, integrated pants (knee, thigh, hip, and tailbone pads built in), practice jersey(specific practice jerseys are designed so do not purchase until notified).

6) What is the practice schedule for the year?  Practice begins the first week of August.  The first week requires minimum of 10 hours of conditioning with no pads.  The second week of practice the pads go on and light contact begins.  In week three, full contact begins.  FULL CONDITIONING OF 20 HOURS MUST BE COMPLETED BY THE 3rd WEEK OF AUGUST.  PLEASE SCHEDULE YOUR VACATIONS AROUND THIS SCHEDULE AS BEST AS POSSIBLE TO HELP ACCOMMODATE LEAGUE RULES. If your child misses these early practices, he cannot begin contact until conditioning requirements are met.  After school begins, practice is reduced to three times per week.

7) Are the coaches certified and are background checks done?  Yes, all league appointed volunteers are subject to background checks and all coaches are required to complete certifications such as Head's Up Tackle, Concussion, CPR/First Aid...

8) Are we eligible for games after the league championships?  Yes, after the local league playoff rounds in November, teams may advance to a state championship.

9) Will my child be insured in case of an accident?  Yes, insurance had been put in place for AYF/AYC Shelton and we will follow all AYF/AYC league rules....visit links on the home page or the national website at: www.americanyouthfootball.com
10) What organization is Shelton Youth Football affiliated with?  We are a member of the Shoreline Youth Football and Cheer League.