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Shelton Youth Football and Cheer

Conflict Resolution Plan



Shelton Youth Football and Cheer encourages everyone to communicate with their team’s coaches.  We have a specific plan for more elevated concerns outlined below. 

When contacting a coach directly to air a concern we ask that parents arrange an agreeable time to have a conversation.  Please do not confront a coach or volunteer at the beginning or end of a practice or game without some warning.  We need to be sensitive to our volunteers’ time commitments.  We ask that a parent wait until at least 24 hours after a game or competition before contacting a coach with a concern that does not involve the safety of a participant. 

Please remember that our volunteers are not paid, professional coaches.  Not every decision made will be a popular one and not every decision made will prove to be the right one.  We expect patience and understanding as we navigate the season together.


Playing time expectations (Football):

  1. The American Youth Football model, which we follow, suggests a minimum play requirement of 6 plays per game for all registered players.  Shoreline Conference, which we are a part of and observe, requires:
    1. Roster 16-25 players = 11 plays (rosters between 13 and 16 would observe this)
    2. Roster 26-30 players=9 plays
    3. Roster 31-36 players=7 plays
    4. Plays must be complete by the end of 3rd qtr or player MUST start the 4th qtr and stay in until plays are completed
    5. All grades/teams have a person dedicated to MPR monitoring. 
  2. These required plays may include all special teams plays. 
  3. Players are receiving valuable coaching and practice time.  We look to develop players but also work to have a winning program.  A player’s attitude, effort, and desire have the greatest impact on playing time.
  4. In the event a player, on his own accord, approaches a coach with a question about their playing time, we expect the coach to have a candid, age-appropriate response to motivate and develop the participant.
  5. The E-board will not consider a playing time complaint for review unless there is a violation of minimum play requirements.


Formal complaints MUST be submitted as follows or no E-board review or consideration will be given to the issue:

  1. All formal complaints will be emailed to the league’s inbox: 
    1. No verbal complaints in passing or phone calls/texts will be considered or reviewed.
    2. Please do NOT contact a board member directly.
    3. The inbox will be checked daily starting on August 1st.
  2. Complaints MUST have specific information about who, what occurred, and what the concerns are.
    1. Vague emails or “heads up’s” will not be reviewed or considered.
    2. Indirect complaints to other volunteers will not be considered.
    3. Gossip in the bleachers or attempts to create a mutiny against a coach or coaching staff will negate a complaint.
  3. Resolution for complaints will be as follows:
    1. Initial reply within 24 hours of submittal
    2. Final review and disposition within 72 hours (standard complaints)
    3. For serious complaints, a meeting of the E-board will take place and final disposition made within 7 days, unless outside authorities are called to intervene.  Volunteers and participants may be immediately suspended pending review depending on the scenario and/or allegations. Spectators and parents may be asked to stay away until the issue is resolved.  


Examples (but not limited to) of serious complaints or egregious violations:

  1. Physical or sexual assault or abuse of any kind, to include any altercation that becomes physical (fighting).
  2. Verbal harassment, sexual harassment, or degrading behavior towards anyone.
  3. Derogatory language or behavior toward a protected characteristic (race, religion, etc…).
  4. Cheating or skirting rules to gain a competitive advantage.


Progressive Disciplinary Action for Parents, Spectators, Participants, and Volunteers:

  1. Any parent, spectator, coach/volunteer, player, or cheerleader ejected from competition by an official will automatically be suspended for at least the next game or competition.  An egregious act may result in the E-board’s review and further suspension up to and including expulsion.
  2. The standard progressive disciplinary action for a verified complaint or violation is as follows:
    1. Warning
    2. Suspension (may vary depending on incident)
    3. Removal for season
    4. Permanent expulsion
  3. An egregious violation of code of conduct may result in skipping to a higher level in the progressive disciplinary action at any time after the E-board review.  A less serious issue may result in repeating a step before progressing. 


In addition to this process for conflict resolution, all participants, parents, and volunteers are required to read and understand the code of conduct and anti-bullying form distributed by Shelton Youth Football and Cheer.  We use this as our guiding documents for ensuring a positive and productive environment for our young athletes.  There is clear language in the Code of Conduct regarding parent spectatorship in addition to player and volunteer conduct.  Please be familiar with these documents.


We will address all complaints within the times expressed in this process.  Our findings and resolutions may not align with the expectations of the person issuing a complaint.  Any E-board member, coach, or volunteer named in a complaint will need to be addressed but would not be part of the review process for disciplinary action or resolution.   All issues brought forward will be reviewed with thoughtfulness and a sense of urgency.  Our goal is to minimize unwelcome behavior as much as possible to create the best experience for the kids who play and cheer for us. 


Thank you,

Shelton Youth Football and Cheer Executive Board